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WPCA Officials Training Course

WPCA  Officials Training Course

WP Cycling has asked us to nominate members who wish to attend the Officials Training Course in Cape Town– once there are sufficient nominations we / CSA Technical Commissaire will announce the date and venue. I am not sure of the content but I can guess it would be an entry level course aimed at introducing individuals to officiating at cycling events. Kindly note the due date for nominations is Monday the 11th April 2016 – please forward the names and email addresses to

MTB volunteers

We would love our mtb members to become part of the committee in order to assist and advise us.

We need members to become marshals and assist us to keep rougue riders to the minimum, assist members when they are lost on the trails or ride in the wrong direction. You will get a marshal bike board and also provide you with the code of conduct for marshals.

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