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A few safety tips for cycling

  • Do not cycle alone. Phone a friend! We have a number of WhatsApp groups were you can make a call for a riding buddy
  • No helmet no ride!
  • If you had flu, please do not cycle the next week, even if you feel better. Make sure your heart is strong enough for the ride. The consequences could result in a greater heartsore‚Ķ
  • Carry a space blanket and a gel gun with you.
  • Phone Secure Rite if you see suspicious characters on our trails
  • Please be aware of how weather and road conditions can affect your ability to

Please be aware of runners on our trails on Sunday

Hi Wannabees members. Please note that there is an authorized trail run taking place on Sunday. The runners will be running on some of the single track near Somerbosch as well as along the River Ramble. Please be aware of the runners and if you can avoid these areas on your Sunday ride, please do so. There will be marshals indicating where the runners are expected and caution needs to be exercised by all – riders and runners. Thanks for your co-operation