Riding the WCC trails

Identification boards required for the Wannabees Cycling Club’s routes

In order for you to enjoy our various trails on the Wannabees Cycling Club’s routes, there are strict requirements that have to be adhered to in order to meet with our agreements with land owners who have very kindly given us permission to establish, signpost and ride the routes on their properties.

  • be an active Wannabees Cycling Club member, or
  • have a valid day permit
  • holiday permit, normally only available from November to January, or
  • have a current Trail Sponsor bike board

Your club bike board (valid only for the year of issue) must be affixed to the handlebar of your bicycle. If you do not display your current Wannabees Cycling Club membership board on the front of your bike, you stand the risk of being banned from Cycling Events.

Also Note: No board, no ride. No helmet, no ride. If you need a light, you shouldn’t be on the trails (unless it is an official night ride).

Do not allow your bike board to be obscured by other boards. When your valid bike board is not visible, Trail Marshals may stop you and request you to leave the trail or take other disciplinary steps.


Bike board placement
Bike board placement

Night-rides generally take place every Thursday evening, departing from Somerbosch Wine Estate. Specific departure times and/or deviations are announced on the club’s Facebook page and Night Ride WhatsApp groups.

Contact the club secretary (secretary.wannabees@gmail.com) for details about the various WhatsApp groups active within the club – only available to paid-up members). Visitors may partake in night-rides, but would be required to purchase a day permit. Night rides are free to club members.

Reciprocal agreement with Helderberg Trails

The reciprocity (discounted membership) registration process for the Wannabees Cycling Club and Helderberg Trails is now open.

Interested cyclists need to register online at https://wannabees.co.za/membership/ (Only available to Wannabees Cycling Club members).

Kindly note that Helderberg Farm will not provide discounted membership at their registration desk. This special deal is only for members of the Wannabees Cycling Club who register by means of the club’s on-line facility.

After registration, you will receive a Wannabees MTB board with a Helderberg Farm trail sticker affixed to it. The Wannabees bike board together with the affixed sticker allows access to both trails.

If you have already registered as a member of the Wannabees Cycling club, you may add (top up) the Helderberg Trail membership to your existing membership, also by means of the club’s online facility. Once we have processed your order, you will receive instructions on where to drop off your current membership board to have the reciprocal sticker affixed to it. On notice, you may collect your reciprocal board back at the drop-off point.

You are kindly reminded not to venture out on the trails before you have received your updated bike board