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Hello Wannabees Roadies.

2020 will have some serious challenges as the global economy continues to suffer at the expense of COVID-19. Who would have anticipated a total lockdown in their generation? It’s the kind of story made for History books and Science Fiction Films. For some people, this next period may be really tough and challenging. Let’s face it, these are uncertain times!  Small businesses and the less fortunate will be the hardest hit.  As a cycling club, let’s use the circumstance as an opportunity to support each other and our communities.  In the words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf “As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.”

A number of events that I had planned for the coming months are left hanging.  At this stage, it is impossible to predict when life will return to normal. On a positive note though, what I can say is that a number of regular events will be planned throughout the year.  Some of them will be new initiatives and others will be resurrected.  Without committing to dates (due to the COVID-19 situation), please look out for the following in the coming months and later in the year:

  • Regular Coffee Rides (Monthly)
  • Quarterly Outrides (similar to the Cape Town ride before the CTCT)
  • Freedom Day Challenge – 27 April (unlikely at this stage due to the 21 day lockdown) – Somerset West to Hermanus (100kms) and return leg for the brave (200km).  Brunch will be provided for club members.  Encourage your family to meet up with you for the day in Hermanus or choose to ride back with the group to Somerset West if you have the Energy.  We may use a different public holiday instead, depending on how things pan out in the coming weeks.
  • Strava KOM Segment challenges during club rides.  This is still being planned and all necessary safety precautions will be made and communicated. Winner and runner-ups will either receive points that can be banked and exchanged later, or receive gift vouchers.  Some more thought and planning is required so watch this space.  You may have already seen this take place at some of the recent road races (Tour de PPA and 99er).
  • Quarterly Social events, either in the form of a braai or meeting up at a family-friendly restaurant.  If you have some suggestions please let me know.
  • Having the Wannabees Club marquees with drinks and snacks at all local road race events (wherever possible).

There are also some other items worth mentioning that require some planning and input from the committee and members alike:

  • Coronation DC – Club presence and Wannabees teams
  • Western Province League Races
  • Wannabees Racing team

If you feel that you would like to contribute in any of the areas mentioned, then please do get in touch.

Staying connected during the 21-day lockdown:

The newly created Wannabees Zwift Meetup WhatsApp groups are up and running, so if you exist in the virtual world of Zwift and would like to take part in some or all of the ‘Group Rides’ then please this is for you.  All the ‘Meetups’ (as they termed in Zwift) will be communicated via WhatsApp.  The weekday rides will mostly be 1 hour in length (weekends maybe longer) and take on either of these 2 formats:

1)   ‘Staying Together’: Zwift automatically keeps all riders together, regardless of power output.  The only way to get dropped is if you stop pedaling for some time and lose the group.  This means all riders can work out at their own intensity but still receive the benefit of a group ride and the banter that goes along with it.

2)   ‘Normal’: Power output will determine your position in the group.  This means that you can break away, stay in the bunch or get dropped.  Remember, the point is still to ride together – so if you do climb really well, please wait for the rest to catch up at the top of a hill.  If you feel like you aren’t benefiting from the group’s pace, then feel free to break away and work out at your own intensity level.  (try to send a message on-screen during the ride)


If Zwifting is your thing then please join the WhatsApp Groups below:

Wannabees Zwift Meetup:    

Wannabees Zwift Chat:       

I look forward to what the rest of 2020 may hold – surely it can only get better!!

Kind regards and stay safe.

Paul Houghton

Wannabees Road Chairman