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MTB trails – gates and exciting new trails

With the winter storms the last 2 weeks, there is a lot of erosion and damage to the trails. Errol with his team has been hard at work to do repairs and maintenance. Some areas that are very muddy have been rerouted.

Any feedback on issues will be appreciated. You can send a WhatsApp to the club cell phone.


We have upgraded and added some new trail sections at Dornier.

New bridges and berms added to the existing trail sections to make the ride more enjoyable.

Then we added a new single track with some nice futures at the top of the farm after you have passed the viewpoint at the pine trees. The single track curls down the side of the mountain through the proteas and fynbos to join up later with the existing single track at the bottom.


Those who have been riding on Stellenzicht in the last month would have noticed that they have installed a new security fence around the bottom of the farm. As of Friday 3 July, you will not be able to use the entrance from the newly tarred Stellenrust road. You will only be able to enter through the new Stellenzight main gate on the Dornier side. This gate will be open during the week from 6 am to 6 pm. On weekends it will be locked. Next to the main gate, there is a pedestrian gate that can be used by our club members to enter and exit. There is an electronic lock that can open the gate with a code. This code will be changed monthly, and we will send it out to the club members on the WhatsApp communications. Please make sure the gate is closed once you have passed through it.

This code is not to be shared with any non-members. Please respect the farm and their security, it is a privilege that we can ride there and we don’t want to compromise that.