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NB notice re trail routes for runners and cyclists


We have received numerous complaints from farmers re runners on their farms.  Kindly note that Wannabee club trail running members may only run on the two designated trail running routes at Somerbosch. Please help us spread the word and keep runners off the property where the landowners have not provided us with permission to run on their farms.

For safety reasons, runners must stick to the designated trail running routes.  No cycling is allowed on the running trails and no running allowed on the cycling trails.

We noticed the demand for running trails and will do our best to provide more running routes next year.


Cyclists, please note that due to farm activities, some of our cycling trails had to be closed and or changed.  Please keep to the designated routes and do not cycle on closed routes or remove the candy tape that closes sections off.

Notice from our MTB committee: Riders need to stick to the road in and out of the trails at Raithby, please … the section around the new vineyard section is very muddy and with pipes recently being laid, the ground is extremely soft… thus the trail section is closed till further notice and the road is to be used to access the trail in and out past the labourer cottages.