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NewBees Club-trail Familiarisation Ride

NewBees Club-trail Familiarisation Ride – Monday, 16 December 2019, at 06:50

New members / holiday permit holders, unfamiliar with the Wannabees Cycling Club trails. This is your opportunity to get to know the club’s trails. Dawie will be your ride guide for the excursion.

The familiarisation ride will traverse the main link (Red Route) from the Lord Charles Hotel to Somerbosch Bistro (and back). It will be a slow ride, but you need to be fit enough to be able to complete a 41km mountain bike ride (total ride distance). You are also welcome to abandon the ride at Somerbosch, if you don’t mind finding your own way home from there.  (The distance from the Lord Charles Hotel to Somerbosch Bistro is 23km). We will stop at Somerbosch Bistro where you will be able to buy some refreshments before the return journey.

Departure: We will leave at 6:50 on 16 December 2019, from the club’s trail head at the beginning of Dawie’s Drive Thru:

Cautionary advice: Please note that it is thorn season and you will be well advised to make sure that your bike has adequate puncture protection. There is no water along the route, but can be replenished at Somerbosch. No helmet, no ride. No bike board/no day permit /no holiday permit NO ride. There won’t be a sweep on duty for the ride, the NewBee bunch will have to stay together.

The ride: I will teach you how to read the club’s trail signage. You will also learn how to find your way on the club’s routes by way of your mobile phone and the club’s Google Maps. I will describe a few trail rules, explain certain trail etiquette items and point out some hidden gems on the trails. You will find out why some trail sections have the names they have.