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Vital information for all club members


With the Wannabees Trails being opened for those that live within a 5km radius of their homes we have picked up the following issues that need to be addressed urgently:

  1. Riding without boards:  The trails are only open to cyclists with boards.  No board, no ride!  Do not take friends/family onto the trail without boards.  Anyone without a board will be treated as trespassing and run the risk of being arrested as a result (Farm security will hand you over to SAPS).  The farms have seen an influx of “less desirables” and rogue riders are compelling this issue.
  2. Riding wherever you want: The trails are well marked – stick to the marked route.  We have received complaints from landowners of riders riding where they want – this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  3. Riding in groups: Please maintain social distancing in line with the government guidelines.  Maximum 2 people together.
  4. Riding without a mask:  Please ensure you are riding with a mask/buff or something to cover your nose and mouth in line with government regulations.
  5. 6h00-9h00 curfew:  As per the level 4 rules, you have to be out of the trail network by 9h00.  Riders riding outside of these hours will also be viewed as trespassing.

Note: The club kindly received permission from all landowners for its club members to ride on the trail network. This decision can be easily reversed. Please respect the rules that are in place so we don’t have to lose this privilege. Furthermore, don’t put yourself at risk in terms of breaking the rules – they are in place for a reason!



New early morning entrance in Bredell road – no access through Eendrag farm during dark hours.

No access between Somerset College and Vredenburg farm during dark hours.

Map link that indicates the new entrance and the no-riding section

Also, note that no parking is currently allowed at Somerbosch.



Please take note of our new collection point during COVID-19:

Kwikspar Heldervue, 4 Cynaroides Street, Heldervue, 7130.  Their opening hours:

8:00 – 18:00        Mondays – Fridays

8:00 – 17:00        Saturdays

8:00 – 14:00        Sundays

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Heldervue Kwikspar is NOT allowed to hand out membership packs without proof of your collection notice noticed you received by e-mail which indicates your membership board. You or a friend/family member would need to show them your collection in order to collect your membership board.

COVID-19  collection instructions:

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COVID-19 NOTICE re special collection of membership packs


COVID-19 NOTICE re special collection of membership packs

Due to Covid-19, our usual collection point shop is still not open to the public.  As a special courtesy, I will hand out membership packs for those who have not collected it yet, at our gate on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (2 – 4 May) between 10 am and 11 am only.   40 Dianthus Street, Heldervue, Somerset West.

Since I am a high-risk candidate for COVID-19 due to COPD, a few strict conditions will apply

  • You need to wear a mask
  • You need to bring your own pen to sign the receipt
  • You need to bring your own hand sanitiser and use it prior to getting out of your car
  • You or a friend/family member would need to show me your collection notice.


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Wannabees Trails open for cycling from 6 am to 9 am

The Wannabees Trails will be-reopened for exercise, subject to the terms and conditions of the South African Government’s Covid-19 Lockdown Level 4 regulations. Members must adhere to the regulations and be self-responsible in this regard.

Kindly note that Helderberg Farm Trails are not currently open for cycling.

The following club terms and restrictions will apply during this period:

  • Only members will be permitted to make use of the club’s trail infrastructure
  • The time slot stipulated by the Government’s Level 4 regulations (06:00 to 09:00) imply that athletes will have to conduct part of their exercise routine in the dark. A special trail access corridor has been set up where bike lights will be permitted during the early hours of the morning. This is especially important to avoid annoying landowners and to also reduce the risk of injuries along technical sections in the dark. See map below:
    • New early morning entrance in Bredell road – no access through Eendrag farm during dark hours
    • No access between Somerset College and Vredenburg farm during dark hours
  • Do not cycle in groups; keep social distancing considerations in mind at all times
  • Please remember to wear a Buff or mask over your mouth and nose. It is required by the Level 4 regulations. Carry sanitiser, you may need it.

Landowners terms:

  • No park and ride will be allowed from Somerbosch Wine Estate
  • Landowners have advised that athletes loitering on the trails after 09:00 will be chased off their properties
  • No access through Eendrag during dark hours
  • No access between Somerset College and Vredenburg farm
  • No access to Helderberg Farm Trails at this stage

Follow normal trail routes when a bike light is not required

We are also trying to find a way to get membership packs to those who have not collected yet as well as those who registered during the lockdown period.  You should receive communication from us as soon as we have resolved the issues.

Please covet the access we have been granted. It is not perfect, but it is fragile and can easily be ruined for all by transgressors.



Early morning access:  Continue down Bredell road and enter at the gate on your left close tho the Graaff Trust barn.

Early morning access Google map link.