Adult Membership


This is a 2019 Adult Membership. Please note that a reduced membership fee of R350 applies until 31 December 2019.


  • Age 22 – 64
  • Membership is valid until 31 December 2019
  • Reduced membership fee of R350 applies for the remainder of the year


  • Emergency Contact Details

    Please supply us with the name and contact details of a person we can call in the case of an emergency. Accidents do happen and when they do I would like a way to contact your loved ones.
    Please indicate if you require an MTB board and/or road bike tag. Select both if you plan to join the club for both disciplines.
  • Additional Memberships & Purchases

    By ticking this box you agree to the Wannabee's Indemnity & Terms and Conditions:
  • R0.00


Membership Overview

The club now has 2 membership options;

  • Club membership only
  • Club and Helderberg Farm Trails membership

You are now able to add Helderberg Farm Trails access at a reduced fee (for adult members) at first registration, thanks to a new, mutual agreement.  Adding Helderberg Farm Trails membership after first registration will incur additional administrative fees.