Ethos, Etiquette, and Spirit of the Road Group

We always have and we always will regroup at the top of all hills, or when the group has fragmented (ensuring at all times that we keep everyone together in that group).

The riders that get to the top of the hills first, either wait for the entire group that they are riding with on the day to catch up or ride back down the hill that they have just cycled up, and join the last riders at the back of the group to the top of the hill again, where the main group will be waiting for the last rider in that group.

🚴 We never leave a cyclist alone on the road, especially not riding up Helshoogte Rd, due to all the bike jacking reports.
We are not riding a fun race, this is a club ride. We stick together, and we all get home safe.

🗣 If you experience any problems (i.e. punctures, mechanical etc) on the ride, please call out loud enough so that the riders all around you and especially in front of you can hear you.
Whatever the problem is, the group you are riding with will stop to assist you🔧🛠. But you must call out loud enough for them to hear you.

Stop at red traffic lights 🚦and call out before you are about to stop.

Don’t jump a red/amber light as all those behind you will follow. Be the example.
If half of the group get though a traffic light changing to red, wait and check until all the cyclists behind you have caught up to the group before you cycle on.

We will always try to ride single file:
Especially wherever there is no shoulder to ride in.

Shout out to warn and or advise cyclists behind you as to what you are about to do (slowing down/turning/stopping etc) and do it as slow as you can, no sudden breaking or harsh movements. Think about the cyclists right behind you, as your actions have a chain reaction behind you, and a direct influence on his/her safety.

Giving a clenched fist or just putting your hand up to indicate you are slowing or stopping is dangerous and nerve racking …. rather call out  “stopping” as you will need to use both your brakes to be able to stop in a straight line.

Making bunch cycling safer for everyone.

If you are the cyclist leading the group, you are the one setting the pace upfront, and you decide to relinquish the front, or the current pace, or just back off, don’t just sit up …. move off the pace line while pedaling…if you are getting tired, move over…. and slip back and integrate with the bunch, slowly.

If you want to look behind you either take you hand off the handle bar and look back by twisting your torso , this helps you keep a straight line or you can put one hand on the shoulder of the rider next to you, this will also keep you riding in a straight line.

If you are now coming though to the front to set the pace don’t accelerate when you get to the front of the group… just keep your pace as it was when you were second wheel.

Riding inside the bunch is great but is high risk and to minimize the risk keep focused, never overlap wheels and keep both your hands on your brake leaver hoods so that you can react quickly.

Shout out and or point out 👈🏻anything ahead of you to warn cyclists riding directly behind you about potholes/obstacles🐕🐒/obstructions🚧🚸, anything dangerous that could cause an accident, and very importantly the cyclists behind one another must pass the message on down to the back of the group. The cyclists directly behind you can’t see what you can see ahead of you.

Bad accidents happen when cyclists in a group don’t pass the message on all the way back to the last rider.

If you are going to change your riding line, never swerve violently to miss the obstacles. The bunch behind you will exaggerate your movement due to reflex.

Listen👂🏻out for vehicles🏎🏍🚍 approaching your group from behind, and everyone on that the group ride must assist the back cyclists and pass the message on all the way to the front cyclists, warning everyone ahead in the group 🗣 “car back”.

Cyclists training for racing events be doing their high intensity training during the week. The WCC’s weekend road rides are LSD rides (‘Long Slow Distance.’).

Our support/Sweep vehicle drivers have been instructed to assist us by giving one press on their vehicle’s hooter, to advise the cyclists that there are vehicles approaching from behind.


All visitors all welcome to join us on a road rides.

Please join us for a cup of coffeeafter the ride, we’d love to hear what you have to say, all suggestions on how the club can improve are welcomed, the committee are fully committed to making your riding experience 🚴 with the club a more enjoyable one.

Please ensure that you current ICE tag is on your seat post, and that it has your preferred emergency number on the tag, so that we can call them on your behalf  if you have had a bad accident, and you are not able to give us an emergency number.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of all road rides, so that we can arrange the different road groups accordingly (1st/Fast, 2nd/Medium, & 3rd/Social). The road ride will start sharp at the designated time stated in each post.
At the start of the club ride, please activate your  “Share Live location” on Whatsapp, in case of a split in the groups, in order for the driver of the support/sweep vehicle to find you and your group, and Vice Versa as quickly as possible.
Their mobile numbers will be at the bottom of the group ride notices.

The driver of the sweep vehicle will activate his “Shared Live location” on your Whatsapp group, so please do the same.

Not sure how to activate the “Share live location” on you mobile at the start of the group ride? Click on the below link & watch the 1 minute video on how to do it:

or read the following instructions on below link provided:

Safe cycling
Brian Moore
For and on behalf of the Wannabees Cycling Club Road Committee.