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Special offers! And a reminder of regulations.

Stellenrust special wine offer

Click on this link  for some awesome lockdown wine specials for Wannabees members: Stellenrust lockdown special wine prices for Wannabees


Somerbosch: Coffee & Muffins, Delivery Menu & Sunday Lunch Menu

Somerbosch Early morning Coffee & Muffin
Somerbosch Bistro will be delivering coffee & muffins to cyclists in their parking area to cyclists on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They will be ready to serve you from 7:30 to 8:30. Place your order with their runner and he will bring it to you.
Americano @ R20
Cappuccino @ R25
Carrot & banana muffin @ R10
It would be appreciated if you could bring the correct amount of cash or pay with a Credit card to avoid handling cash early in the mornings.
Please adhere to social distancing regulations.

Click on this link for Somerbosch Delivery Menu: Somerbosch delivery menu

Somerbosch Sunday Lunch


Covid-19 Rules and Regulations

The Wannabees Trails will be-reopened for exercise, subject to the terms and conditions of the South African Government’s Covid-19 Lockdown Level 4 regulations. Members must adhere to the regulations and be self-responsible in this regard.

Kindly note that the Helderberg Farm Trails are not currently open for cycling.

The following club terms and restrictions will apply during this period:

Only riders with MTB boards will be permitted to make use of the club’s trail infrastructure
The time slot stipulated by the Government’s Level 4 regulations (06:00 to 09:00) implies that athletes will have to conduct part of their exercise routine in the dark. A special trail access corridor has been set up where bike lights will be permitted during the early hours of the morning. This is especially important to avoid annoying landowners and to also reduce the risk of injuries along technical sections in the dark.  New early morning entrance in Bredell road – no access through Eendrag farm during dark hours
No access between Somerset College and Vredenburg farm during dark hours
Do not cycle in groups; keep social distancing considerations in mind at all times
Please remember to wear a Buff or mask over your mouth and nose. It is required by the Level 4 regulations. Carry sanitiser, you may need it.

Landowners terms:

No park and ride will be allowed from Somerbosch Wine Estate
Landowners have advised that athletes loitering on the trails after 09:00 will be chased off their properties
No access through Eendrag during dark hours
No access between Somerset College and Vredenburg farm
No access to Helderberg Farm Trails at this stage
Follow normal trail routes when a bike light is not required

Please covet the access we have been granted. It is not perfect, but it is fragile and can easily be ruined for all by transgressors.