Weekend Road Rides

On most Saturdays and Sundays the club hosts road rides starting at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West.  This page provides some information about these riders and how to join.

Ride Information

Details about the rides will always be available on this website under the Calendar menu, Road Rides. A place-holder entry will usually be in place, but details about the rides are usually posted before the weekends.

Getting notified

We make use of WhatsApp groups and Facebook to announce our rides, but this should be considered only a secondary mechanism. Always refer back to this website for up-to-date information. Club members may send an email to our secretary (secretary.wannabees@gmail.com) and request to be put on the appropriate WhatsApp groups. There are many groups, but the main WhatsApp groups are;

  • Wannabees Cycling Club 1st Group/The fast Group
  • Wannabees Cycling Club 2nd Group/The medium Group
  • Wannabees Cycling Club 3rd Group/The more relaxed Group/Social Group
  • Wannabees Cycling Club Road Notification Group (Weekend Road Route Notifications only)
  • Wannabees Cycling Club Chat Group

Where do we start

We usually start from the Lord Charles Hotel parking area on the North/West side. As you enter the hotel grounds at the guard house proceed to the left, up the steep hill, to the parking area at the top.

NOTE: We need to reserve a number of parking bays for the hotel spa, so if you come by car we prefer you park at the Waterstone shopping center and cycle to the start.

When do we start

Starting times vary based on the season. In general it is as late as 7am in the winter and as early as 6am in the summer. It is best to refer to the calendar to the exact times. In some cases we do deviate from the normal times.

Can anyone join?

Our club is run on a membership bases and more information can be found on the Membership page.  We do welcome guest and newcomers to join us, especially if you first want to “feel the water”. We are sure you will like it! However, we do ask that, say, after a month you consider joining the club. We are a non profit organisation (and we have the tax papers to prove it), so all proceeds go towards cycling and the club.

How safe is the route?

We are fortunate to have a great sponsor, Kelfords Ford, to supply us with follow vehicles and drivers for many of the rides. This greatly improves our visibility on the road and provide some protection from traffic from the back. Also, the vehicles are equipped with a bike floor pump, basic medical aid kit carry spares for the days you get three punctures ;-o


We follow a variety of routes in and around the Heldeberg and Boland. Our most popular route is also Phil Liggett’s favourite; Clarence Drive from Gordons Bay towards Rooi Els. The routes are indicated on the calendar as well, together with the route profile.

Bike Tags

Your membership pack will include a road bike tag which we request you attach to your bike. It helps us identify club riders.